Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ta Da!

You can't blame me entirely. I accept that I was lazy, but I was also a victim of a conspiracy. First, I have been exiled to the outskirts of chennai. Two, I am wasting more than four hours daily traveling to-and-fro from work. Three, this really annoying BSNL took nearly two months to give me a broadband connection (Airtel didn't have network in my area :( ). Now that things have finally started to show signs of settling down I thought I'll resume blogging again.

After being exiled I was without Internet for almost three months. During this long solitary confinement I realized a few things.

  • I had some kind of phobia when it came to browsing at Cyber Cafes. Long time ago I read in a newspaper about how a wiz-kid went about installing key loggers in cyber cafes and then stole personal information from the logs that had everything from passwords to bank account details. This story always creeps into my mind whenever I think of going to a cyber cafe.
  • Without Internet(or Google, to be precise) I am the biggest idiot in the world.
  • I got a brand new PC but didn't even feel like touching it.
  • I am greatly inspired by movies, A.R.Rahman, Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and of course, Google. Not being able to keep track of what was happening to them made my brain completely inane.

So how did I manage to stay alive?

I was somehow managing with the GPRS on my Nokia 6020.. chatting, checking mails, reading blogs (yup, I was reading your blogs) and even sent some money through paypal!. Man! I still can't believe I did all those things with a Nokia 6020. Long live Opera MiniReporo and flurry.