Sunday, December 23, 2012

An Appeal to All My SN Savvy Friends

Guys, please stop it.

I already know very well what has happened in the past few weeks. Like most of you, I too am in the habit of following the media through TV, newspapers, blogs and everything else that can make one go berserk. There is really no need for you to keep endlessly sharing the incident in every gory details (with pictures).

What are you trying to achieve here?
Are you expressing your solidarity with the victim ? If so, do you really think that a Facebook like or share or a less than 140 char re-tweet will mean anything ? Or is that I (and all the other 'friends' who get to see your timeline) will change over a new leaf ? Oh! come on! for heavens sake, I get to see what you shared because I am in your 'friends' list and you get to see what I shared because you are in my friends list and, we both are friends for a good reason, the most important being that we both consider each other good people meaning someone who'll never commit such heinous crimes . If not, then you have made a serious mistake in your life and its high time you check who and what your friends really are and correct that instead of sharing something out of impulse. The only thing you are achieving here is making the day more depressing for me.

How much do we really care? 
Its a well know fact that telling others about our frustrations would help us release some anger and is this how you want to release it? with a Facebook like/share, re-tweet? Look, we all are angry here. Frustrated, angry, saddened and helpless. Have you every tried sitting down and taking some time to write what you really thought?  You'll be surprised to discover how little you have to say and how less you care. It is even more frustrating to see you share a gory detail and then in a minute share how awesome your car/bike/mobile etc. is.

Oh! ya, we are a community that is obsessed with an entertainer who after entertaining us with a century goes on to dedicate it to the people of the country and donates a few lakhs to an already wealthy charitable trust. It doesn't matter if the 10 lakhs is just 1% of what he earns, it doesn't matter to us that he could have helped the cause much better if he had boycotted that match, we will gladly post it on our timeline and say he has made our country proud.
If we cannot go out on the streets and protest, not for a day, not for a month, not in hundreds, not in thousands then nothing will change. There are more criminals in this world than good ones. 2000+ mob goes on to burn, rape and kill people, millions of people visit the funeral of a politician but only a few hundreds will come out to protest. Check out this and this if you want to hear it better.

I sincerely hope someday I have the courage to go out and protest but today I am a ******* coward who will not do anything. My family, friends, job, property are more important to me. Please don't keep mocking me and depress me and let me do some work.


PS 1: This post is not just based on what my friends are sharing but generally on what I think is happening.  Every time I see reports of crime/corruption and people protesting, I cannot help but wonder where these so called celebrities (Who 'do' it for the country) are. Yes, with great power comes great responsibility. If they think not, then they should keep their mouths shut and refrain from saying 'I did this for my country'.

PS 2: Hats off to the people who are protesting in Delhi. Feel free to abuse me in the comments on my inability to do anything. I deserve it.