Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Journey Begins

All through my life I had considered myself as an un-emotional guy. No, I wasn't proud of it. I could cry easily when watching a Pixar movie, get extremely angry seeing all the atrocities committed in my country, feel sad for that little dog... but when it came to real people - be it my parents, wife, brothers or sisters, I had to fake it sometimes.

Somehow I had become detached from people. My obsession with logic blinded me from understanding human emotions and my sarcastic smirks only widened this gap. Its a miracle my wife fell in love with me ( I am thankful for that :) ).

And then my niece was born. She was the first person in the world who brought real joy to me. In a way she also made my wife fall for me. She taught me to care, play and pulled me away from this online world. In spite of all this, as an uncle I still did not have one thing - responsibility. 

Today my daughter was born. The moment I took her in my arms she showed me what real emotion was, that pain of waiting showed me how much I loved my wife. Every moment with her gives me unfound energy and responsibility.

Responsibility can change you a lot.

I am suddenly more confident, feel like starting all over, learn new things .. becoming a kid at 30 is great!

Of the all the things in this world, the joy of becoming a father to a little girl is unbound. The movies weren't lying after all.

I am a paranoid guy and am sure to be an over protective dad. I do hope one day she'll understand and say I am the best dad in the world.